• E𝓵ect𝓻um Wa𝓵let -Custome𝓻 Suppo𝓻t

    Electrum is an open-source Bitcoin wallet built and maintained by dedicated open-source developers. However, there is no dedicated customer support.


    Instead, users who have questions must read through the wallet’s official documentation or reach out to the Electrum community on Twitter, Reddit, or BitcoinTalk Forum. Despite the lack of dedicated customer support, the BitcoinTalk Forum and Reddit communities seem responsive and helpful.


    Cost & Fees

    Electrum Wallet is free to download and provides users with the ability to customize Bitcoin transaction fees.


    Users can set how many sats per byte (sat/KB) they want to pay in the advanced settings when they make a transaction. The higher the amount, the faster the transaction will be confirmed.


    Final Verdict

    Electrum is a feature-rich Bitcoin-only wallet that enables users to manage their Bitcoin securely.


    The developers who built and improved the open-source wallet focused primarily on functionality and kept its user interface basic, making it less beginner-friendly than many of today’s popular cryptocurrency wallets.


    Experienced Bitcoiners, however, will likely appreciate the wallet’s advanced functionalities and the ability to set up Lightning payment channels to send and receive payments over the Bitcoin Lightning Network.